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Q: I'm a YouTuber. Can I use your music in my videos?
A: Yes, you're free to use my music in your (non-commercial) videos, but please include credits and store links. The videos using my music will be subject to a YouTube Content ID claim, which is normal and won't negatively impact your channel. A Content ID claim means that ads will be shown with the video and I generate revenue from it. 

Q: Do you have MIDI files or sheet music available of your work?
A:  Generally no, but I will consider preparing them for professional collaborations and other opportunities.

Q: What DAW do  you use?

A:  I currently use REAPER.

Q: Can I purchase a physical CDs, vinyls or merch?

A:  At the moment this option isn't available unfortunately. Maybe later, when things have picked up more.

Q: Do you still score films?

A: Everything I learned and loved from the film scoring world still burns strongly within me and has now taken the form of exploring the realms of storytelling in a purely musical context. All composers go through their unique evolution as artists, and for me making the kind of music I love directly for fans to listen is the culmination of my musical journey.  

Q: How can I support your work?

A:  Listening to my music on streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube will be very helpful. Every time my music is listened to, the algorithms will start to give the music more attention and they will suggest it for more fans just like you.

Q: Can you make some music for my project for free?

A:  No, although I have great affection independent creators working on their labor of love -projects. I recommend you license existing music from a library, or hire a beginner composer and compensate them to the best of your ability as a sign of appreciation.

Q: Where can I listen to your old music? The good old stuff like "Buckling the Swash" and the Minor Thrills album, etc.

A:  I'm in a stage where I'm going through a fresh start and a complete overhaul of my career with my new solo project, and I'm currently only focusing on showcasing my new work. I might consider making the old music available at some point to loyal listeners as a nostalgy trip after I'm established with my new projects, though! 

That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if you can still find some of that old stuff on obscure corners of YouTube.

Q: Do you play guitar, piano, or any other instrument?

A:  No, but I click around very fast with a mouse. I do doodle things around with a keyboard sometimes, and can perform guitar parts in studio conditions with lots of editing, but performing music with instruments isn't my focus or the core of my passion -- composing music is. 
August 2022 update: I'm currently taking piano lessons!



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