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Pauli Hausmann

Born in 1985 in Helsinki, Finland, Pauli Hausmann is a composer and producer specializing in epic cinematic fantasy, sci-fi and adventure music. He's known for his memorable, melodic musical style and his larger-than-life sonic footprint.

With a long history of film scoring, in 2013, Pauli began writing music for movie trailers and has since worked with well-known trailer music labels such as Really Slow Motion, Avalon Zero and the Finnish music label Epic North, which he also co-founded. Pauli's music can be heard in trailers and TV spots of many big Hollywood movies and shows, such as "Transformers: The Last Knight", "Power Rangers", "The Mandalorian", "Batman v Superman", and many more. His music can also be heard frequently in major television shows around the world, such as "Top Gear", "Entourage" and "The Voice". He has also worked on video games, most notably as a secondary composer for the Crystal Dynamics game "Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris" published by Square Enix.


In 2021 Pauli launched his solo career and released his first solo album Undiscovered, which is a step to a bold realm of memorable melodies influenced by synthwave music, classic film scores and contemporary trailer music. Undiscovered will soon be followed by a second fantasy-themed album.

Besides working on his musical creations, Pauli's interests and activities include long walks, video games, science fiction and fantasy, 1980's nostalgia, film making and meditation.

Photo:  Riikka Sevenne / Sevenne Photography

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